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Featured Supplier [HENG EE FOODSTUFF] enjoy up to $150 savings!
Featured Supplier [HENG EE FOODSTUFF] enjoy up to $150 savings!

Tom & Luke Snackaballs - Dark Chocolate Orange - 88g (Carton of 12)


Product Description:

PREMIUM WHOLE FOODS: Our Snackaballs are made the traditional way using wholefood ingredients that are Certified Non-GMO, gluten free, vegan & soy free

NO ADDED REFINED SUGAR: dates provide natural sweetness and are loaded with fibre, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins & flavonoids. Our Snackaballs may help curb your appetite without the blood sugar roller coaster of processed snack foods

PLANT BASED PROTEIN: Snackaballs are made with dates, peanuts, cacao powder, coconut, sea salt, cashew nuts, raisins, pea protein and a little natural vanilla flavor, making them a healthier option to highly processed protein snacks

EASIER PORTION CONTROL - We have designed Tom & Luke snackaballs to make it easy for you to portion control. No more the need to eat an entire protein bar at once. Just pop a few balls in and keep more for later

Minimum Order:

12 Carton

Packaging Size:

88g / Packet

Notice Period:

2 - 3 Days

Delivery Date:

Monday - Friday
( Select at least 2 days a week )

Product of Origins:

New Zealand