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Featured Supplier [HENG EE FOODSTUFF] enjoy up to $150 savings!
Featured Supplier [HENG EE FOODSTUFF] enjoy up to $150 savings!

N&N Large Fresh Eggs (Keep Chilled)

Product Description:

 1st and Only PASTEURIZED Fresh Eggs produced by Singapore's N&N Farm, established since 2001. Pasteurization kills harmful Salmonella bacteria and Bird Flu Virus that may be present in and on the eggs. No chemicals or radiation are used. Beneficial for children, pregnant ladies, seniors and all who love runny eggs that are not thoroughly cooked. Egg Story Pasteurized Eggs are also enhanced with Vit D3 and Omega 3&6. Vit D3 helps the body absorb Calcium and Phosphorus for healthy bones and teeth; Omega 3&6 are 2 essential fatty acids that are important for brain development, immune system function and blood pressure regulation.

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