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Featured Supplier [HENG EE FOODSTUFF] enjoy up to $150 savings!
Featured Supplier [HENG EE FOODSTUFF] enjoy up to $150 savings!

Chicken Katsudon


Product Description:

Crispy on the outside, tenderly fresh inside. Seek no further if you are looking for an irresistible meaty snack that is both juicy and well-floured. Popular with all ages especially children, pair it with different sauces and you get a great oishii appetizer Just heat up using an air-fryer, toaster or any of your preferred cooking equipment to enjoy this flavourful roll in just 10 minutes.

Cooking & Preparation
Air Fry (No Defrost). 8-10 minutes @ 180°C. Deep-Fried (Defrost). 2-3 minutes @ 180°C.

Family/Friends gathering, BBQ, Home Party, Tea Time, Festive Celebration, Corporate Event, Banquet, Catering

Minimum Order:

1 Packet 
Free Delivery when purchase over $50
Delivery Charge of $5 below $50

Notice Period:

2 days

Delivery Date:

Monday - Friday 
9am - 5pm (for Next Day's Delivery)

9am - 5pm (for Next Tuesday's Delivery

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