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Featured Supplier [HENG EE FOODSTUFF] enjoy up to $150 savings!
Featured Supplier [HENG EE FOODSTUFF] enjoy up to $150 savings!

Asia Farm Premium Hand-Picked Purple Tea Leaves (50g x 1 Tin)


Product Description:

ANTHOCYANINS Purple tea contains red and purple anthocyanins – antioxidants which produce the distinctive reddish purple colors of the leaves. These are related to similar extra high levels of anthocyanins compounds found in blueberries, raspberries, purple grapes, and other common foods that contribute to their characteristic colors and health benefits. Blueberries are particularly rich in anthocyanins, which have been shown in studies to help fight cancer, cardiovascular disease, and cognitive issues.

Packaging Size:

50g x 1 Tin

Delivery Date:

$150 Min Order

CBD Area deliver Mon, Wed & Fri

Notice Period:

2 days

Please state avoid lunch hr and dinner time if any.

Payment Method:

POD (pay on delivery), PayNow

Country of Origin: